The Commission Project

As we approach a new Julian year, Movementpants is proud to announce it's latest initiative to get it's audience more involved with our creative work, The Commission Project. Do you have a favorite song? Or maybe a song that you like that you always wanted to see accompanied by dance? Or a song that has a video, but you were just really disappointed by the dancing in the video and wished that it was better? Or how about heard this song and you wondered what it would be like to dance to it but you just never had the time? Oh, and here's one more. Have you ever been to a dance show and thought "This is alright, but wouldn't it be cool if they we dancing to.. (some song you like)"? Well, that is precisely why we're launching The Commission Project. It is an opportunity for you, as an audience member, to have more control over the dance you see in your life vis-a-vis the music you love. Just send us what tune you'd like a dance for and we'll make a dance for it, put it on a dvd and mail it to you.

"And they'll do this for free?" you ask. Well...almost.

Most dance-theater companies ask that you contribute $500 or more in order to commission a piece. We at Movementpants know that oftentimes even the $20 ticket price (or even a favorite TV program) will sway a potential audience member away from supporting dance creation. And that's why we'll create a dance for you to a song of your choosing for the low low commission fee of $50. You heard right. $50. That's %10 of what other companies charge. It sounds crazy, but it's true. You can have the dance you've always wanted to see for only $50. What? Uh-huh, $50. That can't be! Trust me, it is. And wait, it gets better. Because you make your checks out to our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, your $50 is tax-deductible! If you find a better deal for dance-making, please let us know and we'll match it.

To get started on commissioning your dance, please contact us at

Thank you for your continued interest in Movementpants and Happy Holidays!

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