Expansion amid the recession!

Despite the grumblings of the Movementpants Board of Directors, the company has decided to expand this blog's content. From this point forward, I, as chief artistic and executive officer of Movementpants, will include posts about things other than Movementpants. I know what you might be thinking. How can they afford to expand their operation in the midst of a depression? Well, we've really been forced to cut the fat from around our operation and since we are all about transparancy here in the office, we'd like to share some of the changes here at Movementpanst:

1) I, Adrian, will hereby be writing all the blog's posts. No more writing staff.
2) We canceled our holiday party and have pulled our "pizza fridays" program.
3) I will reimburse the company's coffers for personal trips I've taken.

Now, let's get down to business. I'd like to take opportunity of this blog to share some thoughts and feelings on contemporary performance here in NYC. You know, there's so much mediocrity out there that it's a downright shame to not shout out the awesome. In this case, the awesome is a one-man band called Joyengin. The lone member is Walker Adams. He plays drums, keyboard, and sings at the same time. The professed goal of the band is to spread joy to the world and based on what I saw a couple of weeks ago, it's impossible to deny that he does that very effectively.  There are a few videos of his stuff on Youtube, including one with excerpts from the gig I attended, but they don't do justice to the experience. Here's one that comes closest to the mark.

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