For the late night crew

Ideally, it's around 2am. TV is not an option because a) you don't have one and b) who watches TV anymore.

But TV wasn't so bad. Remember all the moments, the memories. All the hours spent in front of the tube, soaking in collective pop-culture refereances which come in so handy these days at the office or at home watching TV. Don't tell me you haven't made at least a few friends over recollections from your favorite Golden Girls episodes. No? Well, I have. Maybe just one friend, but still, my point is made. TV wasn't so bad. There were limits. Limits are exciting. Not limits themselves, but the idea of pushing them. Remember butt on NYPD Blue? Now with the internet, on the other hand, there are no limits. That's good too, but if it really is 2am and you're frying your brain on continued information over-load, have I got a video for you. It's what watching TV would be like if it were a form of meditation.

Also, this is an unsolicited music video for the song "Dep" by Javelin. They are from Rhode Island and live in Brooklyn, just like me/

From The Vaults!

Looking through an old hard-drive, found an old movemementpants joint.